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McLaren better with 'any other engine' - Ricciardo

2017-09-06 10:13

Image: AFP / Josep Lago

Spain - Daniel Ricciardo claims that McLaren would be more competitive with any other engine on the grid, as the world of Formula 1 continues to wait for news about the likely split between the formerly great team McLaren and Honda.

Ricciardo's thoughts 

Ricciardo told the Spanish daily Marca: "Unfortunately Honda has not been able to make McLaren's car fast with these engines.

"So I think if they put in a Renault engine or anything else, they will automatically be faster because the car itself looks very good.

"They should be stronger next year," the Australian added.

Alonso suffering

Ricciardo also said he feels for Fernando Alonso - renowned as one of the best drivers in F1 but crippled by the McLaren-Honda crisis since 2015.

He added: "I really like Fernando and respect him a lot as a driver.

"I would like to see him suffering less on the track and in a top car.  It would be great to have him as a teammate one day - him or Hamilton.  I'd love that." 


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