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'Max needs a psychiatrist' - F1 world blasts Verstappen

2016-08-29 12:21

IN HOT WATER: Max Verstappen is being blasted by the F1 world due to his reckless driving in Belgium. Image: AP / Olivier Matthys

Spa-Franchorchamps - The Formula 1 world rounded on Max Verstappen after Sunday's 2016 Belgian grand prix (August 28), insisting the Dutchman is driving too recklessly.

"I am fine with good, hard racing, but that was not correct," said Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen after his battles with the popular 18-year-old Dutchman at Spa.

"I've never had that before with any driver," the Finn charged.

Time for stern talks

Earlier, Verstappen was involved in a first-corner clash with both Ferraris, and Sebastian Vettel said he would be seeking out the Red Bull driver for talks.

Vettel said: "We need to talk to each other and respect each other.

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"I believe the criticism is justified, but we should not make too big a story out of it. I like him, he's aggressive, but some of his manoeuvres, especially when braking, are in my opinion not correct."

Mercedes' two drivers were not involved in the Verstappen manoeuvres on Sunday, but that did not stop the team's top brass, Niki Lauda and Toto Wolff, from commenting.

Calling in the doctors

Triple world champion Lauda told RTL: "Kimi's criticism was fully justified, and he (Max) needs a psychiatrist if he says it was Kimi's fault.

"The young man is a talent of the century, but if he has no understanding of doing something wrong, I'll talk to his father Jos and tell him to speak with his boy. It was well above the limit."

Wolff also said he likes Verstappen and his aggression, comparing the impression the youngster is leaving on his rivals as "reminiscent of Hamilton or Senna - as long as it goes well".

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Wolff said: "Eventually it will end in the wall and I think we're not far away now."

Red Bull chief Christian Horner, however, defended his driver.

"I'm surprised that Toto has commented on something that actually does not concern him. Max goes to the limit - it was certainly borderline," he said of the Spa incidents. "But the stewards saw no reason to initiate an investigation."

However, Wolff added: "The FIA did not punish him, but he will have to endure a difficult driver briefing (at Monza).

"In my eyes, he is refreshing but also dangerous."


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