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Marko admits almost ousting Hartley

2018-06-18 09:39

AFP / Saeed Khan

Dr Helmut Marko has admitted he considered ousting struggling Toro Rosso driver Brendon Hartley.

In past weeks, rumours abounded that the Red Bull consultant was shopping around for an alternative - perhaps Lando Norris or Robert Kubica - to New Zealand rookie Hartley.

'Brendon is now competitive'

Marko doesn't deny it.

"If the trajectory had not improved, then we would have had to look somewhere for an alternative. But that's not the case and Brendon is now competitive," he told Germany's motorsport-magazin.com.

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It is believed Marko is referring specifically to Hartley's performance in Canada, where he clearly improved and put Pierre Gasly under pressure.

It then ended with the first lap crash.

"Mr (Lance) Stroll was involved. Pierre's eleventh place was encouraging, with Brendon perhaps looking a bit better," Marko explained.


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