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Liberty must put new rules on table - Marko

2018-06-18 09:18

Image: AFP / Lars Baron

Red Bull has joined fellow top teams Ferrari and Mercedes in expressing concerns about Liberty Media's vision of the future beyond 2020.

Team official Dr Helmut Marko said Red Bull is "worried" about the details of the planned new era.

"We are a little worried. At the beginning of April they said we would know in four weeks what the regulations are for 2021. Then they said 'end of May'.  Now it's the end of June.

'We are a little worried'

So far we only have statements. It's high time we got concrete data and rules," Marko added.

Earlier, Red Bull had other concerns about Formula One, including the 'power unit' regulations and the power of the car manufacturers.

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Asked if those concerns at least are now in the past, Marko answered: "No, they still exist.

"The situation is different now than a year ago when we were almost without an engine. Now we can choose between two manufacturers."

But he criticised the approach being taken by Liberty Media.

'The direction we should go in'

"I think they and Ross Brawn want to please everyone. It won't work.

Take MotoGP. It's not a body that decides, but a man. The result is that six to eight riders can win there. That's the direction we should go in," he said.

Asked what needs to happen next, Marko said: "For our future in F1, the new rules must finally be on the table.

"The rules must be such that any one manufacturer can no longer dominate," he added.

As for the so-called "alliance" between Ferrari and Mercedes, Marko says that at least has died down for now.

"It drifted apart a bit because of the battery affair. Mercedes above all needs formula one more than the other way around. They have a different status to Ferrari," he revealed.

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