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Kimi Raikkonen will accept Ferrari 'team orders'

2018-07-06 13:28


Kimi Raikkonen says he is happy to eventually accept Ferrari 'team orders'.

In Austria, many were surprised when the Italian team did not order Raikkonen to let Sebastian Vettel past so that he could boost his championship lead.

'Nothing has changed'

But Finn Raikkonen says no one should be surprised.

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"Nothing has changed. We follow our guidelines like I have since I came to Ferrari in 2007. Only the journalists make it a big story.

Team orders will play a role sooner or later, and that's fine with me too, but that time has not come yet," Raikkonen said at Silverstone.

It is expected that Ferrari will replace the 38-year-old with Sauber youngster Charles Leclerc for 2019.

"We'll see whether I continue with Ferrari or not. At the moment I don't know," Raikkonen added.


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