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'I'm going to pee in your seat!', Stroll does the 'Shoey'... the most hilarious F1 moments in 2017

2017-11-29 07:00

Image: Instagram

Rouel van Nelson

Cape Town - The 2017 Formula 1 title race has ended and overall proved to be one of the most exciting Grand Prix seasons yet.

Australia to Abu Dhabi... Your epic 2017 F1 season wrap

While there have been exhilarating races and heated team arguments... the entertainment factor has always been there.

Whether it's Red Bull's bizarre excursions ahead of race weekends or hilarious gems derived from F1 press conferences, the 2017 season has delivered many memorable moments both on and off the race track.

Here are some of the funniest moments from the 2017 F1 season: 

Daniel Ricciardo explaining how he gets the best out of his car at the Belgian GP

Likewise, Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel explains his relationship with his car.... introducing Gina!

Ricciardo and Max Verstappen learns how to fight head of the Japanese GP

Ricciardo lets one rip after the Singapore GP

F1 wishlist? Lewis Hamilton wants more women in paddock, disses Honda engine:

Fernando Alonso vs Jolyon Palmer: "Karma!"

Mercedes Boss Toto Wolff absolutelty livid

Lance Stroll does the 'Shoey' in Baku....

Jenson Button to Alonso: "I'm going to pee in your seat!" 

Ricciardo raids Hamilton's phone at the Japanese GP...

Verstappen and Ricciardo makes mocktails  


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