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Hulkenberg questions Verstappen crash explanation

2018-04-11 11:00

Image: AFP / Giuseppe Cacace

Bahrain - Heads are still being scratched, several days after Max Verstappen explained away his qualifying crash in Bahrain.

The Dutchman says his Red Bull-Renault package suddenly delivered him an extra 150hp from the engine, throwing him into a barrier.

But another Renault-powered driver says that story makes little sense.

'Does he have party mode,too?

"First I'd like to ask where the 150hp comes from," Nico Hulkenberg told Speed Week.

"Does he have a party mode, too?

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"I've never experienced anything like this.  I'll say it like this: it seems strange to me," the works Renault driver added.

And two Dutch racing drivers agree that Verstappen's explanation was "unusual".

An unusual situation

"It is highly unusual, but possible," Jan Lammers told Algemeen Dagblad newspaper.

Former Minardi driver Christijan Albers added: "Verstappen is not the type to make up a story that is not right.  Then he makes himself out to be crazy.

"I myself have also experienced strange things in a car.  Remember, it's all electronics - there's no cable attached to the throttle," he said.


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