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How to fix F1: 'Too many stupid rules have ruined the sport' - Readers show support for Jeremy Clarkson's views on the sport

2019-07-26 05:30
jeremy clarkson

Image: YouTube

WARNING: This article contains a video featuring harsh language

Grand Tour host Jeremy Clarkson has shared his dismay and disapproval of what Formula 1 has become.

"I want that sport to be exciting again," said Clarkson in a recent expletive-laden YouTube video. He says he would rather watch a "bunch of flowers grow" than view an F1 race.

WATCH: How to fix F1? 'Dangerous driving is what the fans want!' - Jeremy Clarkson

"Get rid of the stewards. Dangerous driving is what the fans want. If someone had to do dangerous driving I would give them an extra 5 or 10 championship points," said Clarkson.

We've asked Wheels24 readers what they think of F1? Read the comments below the video.

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Watch the video below to see what Clarkson believes is wrong with F1:


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