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How an F1 veteran predicted Hamilton's antics ahead of the Abu Dhabi GP

2016-11-28 14:41

TRIED HIS BEST: Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton tried everything he possibly could to win the 2016 title this year, but his car cost him. Image: AP / Joshua Paul

Abu Dhabi - F1 legend Gerhard Berger said he could imagine Lewis Hamilton deploying every tactic to win the world championship on Sunday (November 27), ahead of the race on the morning of the race, according to a GMM report.

Berger is actually in the Nico Rosberg camp, having negotiated the German's new Mercedes deal earlier this year.

He said it was nonsense that some are saying Rosberg would not be a deserving champion, due to Hamilton's late form in 2016 after technical troubles.

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"There will be none of this crowing in a few weeks," he told Auto Motor und Sport. "World champion is world champion.

"If second place (in the Abu Dhabi race for Rosberg) is enough, then second place is enough."

Berger, however, ruled out a scenario where Rosberg would take advantage of his points lead and 'take out' Hamilton in Abu Dhabi, like his former team mate Ayrton Senna did to Alain Prost in 1990.

He predicted Hamilton backing Rosberg into the chasing pack, in the hope of getting him mixed up in a fight with the Red Bulls and Ferraris and finishing lower than third. This played out in the last few laps exactly as Berger imagined with Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel trying to chase down Rosberg in P3.

Red Bull's Max Verstappen was charging in P4, but sadly his tyres would not allow him to get any closer or try any kamikazi moves that he is known for.

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Berger said: "Every driver in Hamilton's situation would do that. It is perfectly legitimate in such a situation that a driver does everything to optimise his chances."

Indeed, even Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff hinted that he can imagine the 'backing up' scenario.

"We let them go," he insisted - yet that was not the actual case during the race as the team constantly gave instructions which Hamilton blatantly ignored.

He even chirped back at one instruction, saying: "I suggest you let us race."

Wolff had said prior to the race: "Nico and Lewis know what we expect in terms of fairness, but we also know what is at stake.

"As long as there are no boundaries crossed in terms of what is sporting, we have no problems with it."

Berger, meanwhile, acknowledged that the real pressure was on Rosberg on Sunday.

"Hamilton is already a three times champion with nothing to lose in this race," he said. "But Nico must win this title, because in Formula 1, you never know if you will ever get another chance again."


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