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Hamilton prepared to sit out F1 practice sessions

2016-10-04 10:02

PRAYING FOR A MIRACLE: Lewis Hamilton's engine failure at the Malaysian GP saw him lose ground on Mercedes team mate Nico Rosberg in the drivers' title race. Image: AFP

Tokyo - World champion Lewis Hamilton says he might sit out practice sessions over the course of the remaining five race weekends.

The Mercedes driver was livid after retiring from the lead at the 2016 Malysian Grand Prix with yet another engine problem, insisting he is baffled as to why only he is having reliability dramas.

23 points deficit to Rosberg

British newspapers quote Hamilton as saying earlier this week: "I have had lower points, but this is the most helpless I can be at this point." 

Hamilton recently took a spate of grid penalties as Mercedes helped him stockpile enough engines for the rest of the season, but one of them failed spectacularly in Malaysia, putting him 23 points behind Nico Rosberg.

WATCH: The moment Lewis Hamilton's F1 season took a fiery turn

Spain's AS newspaper quotes him as saying: "At this point my concern is that I have two engines and want to make sure I do everything so they can last until the end." 

Hamilton added: "If that means I have to not do a session, I will not do a session. I'll do whatever it takes to finish the races." 


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