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Hamilton in the clear: Mercedes 'draws a line' about F1 tactics

2016-12-05 13:15

OFF THE HOOK: Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton has been cleared of his controversial tactics in the Abu Dhabi grand finale GP. Image: AFP / Nelson Almeida

London - Mercedes has "drawn a line" under Lewis Hamilton's controversial driving in the Abu Dhabi GP finale.

The team had considered penalising the Briton for the way in which he backed new world champion Nico Rosberg into Mercedes' rivals as they battled for the 2016 title.

No topic of conversation

But Mercedes now has the "huge" matter of replacing the newly retired Rosberg for 2017 on its plate, with team chairman Niki Lauda also saying the issue of Hamilton's driving in Abu Dhabi will not even be a topic of conversation.

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"There is no need to say anything to Lewis," said the F1 legend. "We have no problem about how he raced in Abu Dhabi. We have drawn a line under it."

Meanwhile, after Hamilton claimed he was the only one not surprised by Rosberg's shock decision, the triple world champion says he has no plans to follow his former teammate into retirement.

"I hope to continue driving a Formula 1 car for at least another ten years," Hamilton is quoted by El Mundo Deportivo.


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