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Hamilton has 'whole team' behind him now - Nico Rosberg

2017-05-24 17:31

MERCEDES BACKING HAMILTON: Nico Rosberg will attend this weekend's Monaco grand prix and has weighed in on the Mercedes and Ferrari battle. Image: AFP / Tom Gandolfini

Germany - Nico Rosberg will attend this weekend's Monaco grand prix and has weighed in on the Mercedes and Ferrari battle.

The retired reigning world champion lives in the Principality with his wife, who is now expecting their second child, and young daughter.

Challenges ahead 

The 31-year-old German is quoted by Auto Bild as saying:"The fact that we can create a new human being together is so beautiful. 

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"But two children will be a challenge as well, so I want to take more time in the future to support Vivian."  

But although he no longer has a role in formula one, Rosberg says he has been watching the races so far in 2017 with interest.

He added: "The first races were really mega for Formula 1 - hugely exciting, you never knew who would win.

"Then also with the fight between Mercedes and Ferrari, you could not wish for more."

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He also welcomed the head-to-head duel between his old teammate, Lewis Hamilton, and Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel.

A cool rivalry

Speaking about the battle between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel, he said: "The fight is cool to watch and very different as well.

"It's a completely different situation for Lewis.  To fight against another team means that he has the whole team behind him, not half the team like before."

Rosberg will attend this weekend's race on the streets of Monaco, where he has lived his whole life.

Her concluded: "I took a lot of time to recover from the stresses and all the celebrations of last year. 

"Not I'm going to take on new challenges, meet people, talk to them -there's always something interesting going on."


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