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Former F1 boss Eddie Jordan - 'Vettel in talks with Mercedes'

2017-05-04 11:35

VETTEL TO MERCEDES?Former Formula 1 boss Eddie Jordan says that Mercedes are in talks with Sebastian Vettel with the idea of weakening rivals. Image:AP/Pavel Golovkin

Germany - Former Formula 1 team boss Eddie Jordan is certain Sebastian Vettel is in talks about a potential switch to Mercedes for 2018.

Commonly a sensational predictor of big F1 news, Jordan's comments come after Mercedes played down rumours of recent talks with Ferrari's championship leader.

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Toto Wolff disagrees and says: "There's nothing to it. I was only chatting with my Swiss neighbour."

But Jordan, once a team owner but now a TV pundit, told Sport Bild: "Of course they're talking with Vettel.

"They need to be.  Formula one is a brutal business.  It's not just about strengthening yourself, but weakening your opponent." 

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Indeed, while Mercedes team chairman Niki Lauda has played down the Vettel rumours, he does admit that the German driver is impressive.

Lauda said: "He's the best at the moment."

"He is a straightforward guy who knows what he wants, knows how to get something and knows how to extract maximum performance.  Just an incredible guy." 


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