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Ferrari crisis: Vettel, Kimi responds

2016-07-22 11:24

GERMAN FURY: Sebastian Vettel didn't hide his anger at the media for over-exaggerating Ferrari's run of form. Image: AP / Luca Bruno

Hungary - Sebastian Vettel has pointed a finger at the media as talk of a Ferrari 'crisis' swirls in Hungary.

Overtaken in recent races by Red Bull, Ferrari has also been struggling with reliability problems.

Now, there are rumours that technical director James Allison is departing, that Ross Brawn could replace him, and that Vettel himself might switch to Mercedes in 2018.

'Nothing in it'

The Vettel-to-Mercedes rumour came from the German's former boss at Red Bull, Christian Horner.

"It's interesting that he knows that without speaking to me," Vettel joked in Hungary.

"There's nothing in it. We are all highly motivated to ensure that Ferrari gets back to the top."

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What about the Brawn rumour? He told German newspaper Bild: "There is nothing to report about Ferrari. They have not been in contact with me.

"I am happy with my life and have found nothing that will change my plans," Brawn added.

No magic tricks

Kimi Raikkonen, meanwhile, said on Thursday (July 21) that Ferrari doesn't even need Brawn.

"Although we are not where we would like to be, we have a great team," he said. "There are no magic tricks in Formula 1 that can change everything overnight.

"We need to have confidence that what we are doing as a group is right."

As for the James Allison speculation, Vettel revealed: "When we read all that is written, we can only laugh about it.

"The media prefers to talk about the negatives rather than the positives.

All this 'Everything is crap and we have to change everything and throw everyone out' doesn't come from us, it comes from what is written down."


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