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F1’s funny man: Daniel ‘Avocado’ and his light-hearted sense of humour

2020-01-07 05:30

Charlen Raymond

daniel ricciardo

Image: Twitter / Formula 1

In earlier years, Formula 1 was largely seen as a gentleman’s sport. Drivers were told to stick to stringent rules, and teams would apply huge fines if said rules were not adhered to.

Nowadays, those rules are pretty relaxed and can drivers show much of their personalities. One driver who is enjoying the new age of F1 is Daniel Ricciardo.

Ricciardo joined F1 a few years ago and, in 2014, made the shift from Toro Rosso to Red Bull.

In his first year for Red Bull, he outscored his illustrious team mate, Sebastian Vettel, in the overall championship and established himself as a Red Bull man.

It was during these years at Red Bull that he made a name for himself as one of the more humorous guys in the paddock. His zest for life and big Aussie smile made him a favourite among rivals and fans alike.

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daniel ricciardo_seb vettel

                 Daniel Ricciardo (left) having a laugh with Sebastian Vettel. Image: Image: AFP / William West

Keeping up appearances

Towards the closing stages of the 2018 season, Ricciardo announced that he’d be joining Renault. It came as a shock to many, because Renault is far from the competitive level Red Bull Racing is on. But Ricciardo saw it as a challenge and grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

Unfortunately for Ricciardo, Renault was nowhere near a competitive level in 2019 and ended the in fifth place and having scored only 91 points - 54 of which came from the Australian.

But while the year was tough as nails, Ricciardo kept his clowning attitude and took care of several entertaining moments. Who could forget when he flicked Carlos Sainz Jr. in the groin, or when he had to do a radio check and replied with ‘loosey goosey’. He even asked a toddler if he knew who he was, and the kid responded with “Daniel Avocado”!

Or better yet: remember when he had Lando Norris in tears after asking him a very private, and VERY uncomfortable, question. Watch that video here.

Ricciardo might not have made an appearance on the podium in 2019, but his humour definitely took the win.

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