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F1 Gold | The time Daniel Ricciardo redeemed his 2016 Monaco GP loss by winning the 2018 race

2020-06-12 16:30

Charlen Raymond

 daniel ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo. Image: Johannes Eisele / AFP

• Ricciardo failed to win 2016 Monaco GP

• Right 2016's wrongs by winning 2018 edition

• Ricciardo swapped Red Bull for Renault in 2019

Daniel Ricciardo is one of the most liked drivers in Formula 1. The Australian made his debut in 2011 and found himself driving for Red Bull Racing from the 2014 season onwards.

In his debut year for the energy drinks company, Ricciardo scored three victories: Canada, Hungary, and Belgium. It was an amazing year for the smiling Aussie, making good in Red Bull's investment in him. 2015, unfortunately, he failed to add more victories to his name, and in 2016 his only win came at the Malaysian GP.

But a few months earlier, at the Monaco GP, Ricciardo was well on his way to securing victory in the Principality. That was until a pit stop blunder saw any hopes of glory evaporate.

Will Ricciardo sign more victories to his name before calling time on F1? Email us.

Daniel Ricciardo. Image: AFP / Greg Baker

Pit stop blunder

Ricciardo secured pole position for the race that every F1 driver dreams of winning. He was in prime position to do just that by securing pole position ahead of defending champion, Lewis Hamilton. The race began behind the safety car, which aided Ricciardo in getting a clean as possible start to the race.

The Red Bull driver led the race for the first 33 laps, until such time that he had to make his first pit stop.

As he dived into the pit lane, his Red Bull team wasn't prepared to receive him. A mad rush ensued as the pit crew scrambled to find the right tyres. Even when Ricciardo pulled into his pit box, the team wasn't ready for him. The blunder cost Ricciardo precious time, which led to Hamilton passing him by the time he exited the pit lane.

The error left Red Bull Racing with egg on their face and Ricciardo disgruntled and angry at what transpired.

What's next

It would be another two years before Ricciardo and Red Bull Racing would right the wrongs of 2016, as the Australian finally signed a Monaco GP victory next to his name. But 2018 was infamous for more than just Ricciardo's Monaco win.

That year, Max Verstappen solidified himself in the Red Bull team, which left Ricciardo on the out. This caused a rift and mistrust between Ricciardo and management, which saw him jump ship to Renault for 2019 and 2020.

While at Red Bull, Ricciardo won a total of seven races, secured three pole positions, and appeared on the podium 29 times.

daniel ricciardo,renault,f1

Daniel Ricciardo. Image: TeamTalk


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