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Check out those skills! F1 drivers pass time in quarantine by playing soccer with a toilet paper roll

2020-03-24 11:00

Charlen Raymond

kimi raikkonen,f1,formula 1

Kimi Raikkonen. Image: Instagram / kimi_raikkonen_kr7

While everyone is staying indoors amidst the threat of the coronavirus, people have come up with very interesting ways of passing the time.

In Italy, videos emerged of quarantined people having 'music festivals' in their block of flats, while others are coming up with intuitive ways to counter the boredom. It’s gone viral very quickly and social users are using the hashtag #StayAtHomeChallenge to post their antics.

Toilet paper soccer

Sports stars and Formula 1 drivers are not excluding themselves from the challenge. Drivers Kimi Raikkonen and Daniel Ricciardo took up the challenge to play soccer with a toilet paper roll. Yes, a toilet roll.

The challenge is simple. Tap a roll of toilet paper for as many times as possible and share the video online. In Ricciardo's case, he was challenged by MotoGP rider, Fabio Quartararo, to a game of 'toilet roll keepie-uppies'. (Could they not have a chosen a better name?!)

Ricciardo says in his post that he'll try and ten, but ends up doing 13! With a toilet roll!

Cool, Iceman

Raikkonen also took up the challenge. Difference between him and Ricciardo is that the Iceman chose an activity room, of sorts, to take up the challenge. Joined by his kids, Raikkonenn begin tapping the toilet roll while his offspring enjoy the confined open space.

The Raikkonens seem to be having a ball of a time in quarantine, making the most of their time together. Kimi is the oldest driver on the current F1 grid and should, in due time, make the switch from racing to full-time father.

Raikkonen’s son, Robin, has already been introduced to go-karts, so we could expect to see the next-generation Raikkonen make the switch to F1 in about 15 years’ time. 


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