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Canada defeat means there will be 'consequences' - Wolff

2018-06-11 12:06

Image: Boris Horvat / AFP

Toto Wolff says there will be "consequences" following Mercedes' clear defeat in Montreal.

Back at #1

With a fresh engine spec, Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel dominated in Canada, therefore re-taking the championship lead by a single point. 

Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel wins the 2018 Canadian Grand Prix


Mercedes boss Wolff said: "We came to Montreal thinking our car would be strong, Now we are going home with the realisation that Ferrari had the better car.  In qualifying and the race".

"We need to wake up now.  Consequences are necessary, but they are discussed internally," he told ORF television.

Team chairman Niki Lauda confirmed: "Ferrari had the better car, the better engine and the better fuel consumption.  They overtook us in the areas we were ahead.

"Now something has to happen in every area.

Lauda added: "We were number 1 in fuel consumption, and now Ferrari and Renault can do better than us,".

However, the F1 legend said there is hope for Paul Ricard in two weeks.

Lauda said: "Then we'll get our new engine. That should help us." 

World champion Lewis Hamilton, who lost his title lead in Montreal, commented: "Ferrari has the most consistent car.  And Red Bull is equal to us now."


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