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Button: Young stars driving in 'Formula desperate'

2016-06-29 14:21

TOO ERRATIC: F1 ace Jenson Button blasted the latest generation of F1 drivers for not having learned enough before joining F1. AFP / Dan Istitene

Austria - Jenson Button, Formula 1's most experienced active driver, has chastised the latest generation of new and "very erratic" grand prix stars.

The 36-year-old, who by 2016 season's end will match Michael Schumacher's huge career tally of 308 race entries, says an increasingly young grid lacks the poise of former F1 generations.

Not enough learning

Button is quoted by Brazil's UOL Esporte: "I feel that there are many drivers who should have learned more than they did learn before arriving in F1.

"They are very erratic. It's like they are driving in 'Formula Desperate' - they look like they're always so desperate," he explained.

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Button, who is hoping to extend his career into an eighteenth consecutive season in 2017, said that kind of 'desperate' driving indicates a lack of maturity in some F1 rookies today.

"That sort of behaviour should have stopped by the time a driver arrives in F1," he said. "By the time your career reaches this level, you should already be smart enough to know what to do with the car and how to race for position."

Button said the new drivers he is talking about would do well to learn from some of F1 legend Michael Schumacher's old races.

"These new drivers need to watch more of Michael's races," said Button, "because although he always raced very hard, at the same time he was always very correct in the way he fought."

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