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British GP: An ode to Silverstone by Racing Point

2019-07-10 12:25

SILVERSTONE, UNITED KINGDOM - JULY 05: The start straight and pit building during the British GP at Silverstone on July 05, 2018 in Silverstone, United Kingdom. (Photo by Steve Etherington / LAT Images)

There’s something special about a home race – whether it’s your own, or even that of a rival. It would take a heart of stone not to be moved by the passion of the Tifosi at Monza.

Likewise, we could barely contain our pride at the reception the team received in Montréal – evidenced, of course, by that inspired drive from Lance in front of his fellow countrymen. As for Mexico… well, the chants of “Checo! Checo! Checo!” in the stadium section send genuine tingles down the spine, every time. 

Then, there’s Silverstone. It’s the one almost every team on the grid can lay claim to as their home race – but for us, it’s more than that. It is our home. Just a stone’s throw and a dual carriageway separate the SportPesa Racing Point F1 Team factory from the main gates – a commute that takes all of five minutes by foot.

Of course, we treat it like any other race – we’re here to compete, after all. But this weekend provides an opportunity for the 400-odd men and women who pour their hearts and souls into crafting these incredible machines to take a seat trackside and see the fruits of their labour racing in anger. 


Image: Supplied

And what better arena to do so? During Thursday’s FIA Press Conference in Austria, the drivers were asked for their verdict on whether a London street race should replace Silverstone on the calendar. The response was emphatically to the contrary. They love the challenge, the speed, the atmosphere – and who can blame them?

Silverstone has produced so many iconic races over the years, it’s hard to single out one over the other. Perhaps that’s why every grandstand, hospitality suite and almost every inch of grass around the 5.891km layout is packed throughout the weekend.

It’s a sell-out, year in, year out. And it’s not just the on-track action that draws the crowds. Since 2014, the SportPesa Racing Point fan zone has taken the Woodlands campsite by storm on the Friday and Saturday evening of the race weekend – and this year is no different.

With everything from driver appearances to some fantastic promotions with our partners SportPesa, BWT and Breast Cancer Care [watch this space…] and, of course, the one and only Eddie Jordan behind the drums with his brilliant band, it’s an event not to be missed!


Image: Supplied 

A short hop back across the Dadford Road, we’ll be hosting a party with a slightly different vibe at the factory on Saturday – the team family day, with a BBQ and big screen for friends and family to soak up the glorious [!!] British summer and watch the track action. The next day, there’s yet another gathering to host – this time on the factory lawn with our partners.

It really is an all-action weekend for every man and woman in the Racing Point family and a real highlight of the year for us all. Whether you’re enjoying the action from your sofa or heading down to join us this weekend, enjoy every moment! Silverstone never fails to deliver – and we’ll be pushing flat out to make sure we do the same for our fantastic home supporters.


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