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Brexit could give Haas an advantage - Gunther Steiner

2019-02-25 10:49

Image: AFP / Josep Lago

Gunther Steiner thinks 'Brexit' could actually be an advantage for the Haas team.

Last week, Mercedes' Toto Wolff said Britain's exit from the European Union could favour Ferrari and Alfa Romeo, who are based outside the UK.

'Keeping our eyes open'

But Steiner thinks Brexit would also leave Haas in a good place.

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"We are keeping our eyes open to see if we have to do anything. But we aren't spending any money on it," he told Ekstra Bladet newspaper.

"We are a small team. If anyone can move fast, it's us. We just pick up our caravan and move to another country."

Indeed, although an American team based in North Carolina, Haas also has a logistics base in the UK. The team also works with Italian suppliers Dallara and Ferrari.

"We do not make irrational decisions. The big teams have bigger investments than us. And it's not decided what happens. I will wait to see how we respond," Steiner said referring again to Brexit.

After the opening Barcelona test, many think Haas is struggling.

"It's hard to say if we will be fighting for fourth place," Steiner admits, according to Sky Italia.

"Given their resources and budget, Renault should be in front of us.

"Alfa Romeo seems to be the team that has made the biggest improvement, then Renault. But it's still very early."


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