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Boss Key denies Toro Rosso testing 2016 car

2016-02-26 11:04

OLD CAR? Toro Rosso's Max Verstappen testing their 2016 car in Barcelona, although it's not the full race-ready car yet. Image: AFP / Josep Lago

London, England - Toro Rosso boss James Key on Thursday clarified reports that Toro Rosso did not take its 2016 car to the first Barcelona test.

Carlos Sainz had been quoted as saying that, amid the Faenza team's rush to fit its new Ferrari engines for 2016, Toro Rosso had prepared an interim car built around the 2015 car.

The Spaniard suggested the "full" STR11 will then make its debut next week in race livery.

Technical boss Key, however, is quoted by the Spanish sports daily Marca as saying the all-blue single seater collecting laps this week "is definitely this year's car".

Key said: "There are two parts that are temporary, because the new ones will come for the next test. But they are the only two pieces from 2015 that are in this car."

All new car?

Key admitted that the 2016 machine is very much based on last year's model.

"We were very happy with the chassis last year - it was a big step for us. So we wanted to keep everything that worked," he added.

But it seems that the 2016 Toro Rosso may actually be heavier, as compromises were made to accommodate the last-minute switch from Renault power.

It means Sainz, who spent some of the winter training with top triathlete Mario Mola, was asked to lose weight.


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