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Boss defends Romain Grosjean amid new career crisis

2018-05-15 11:26


Gunther Steiner has defended under-fire Haas driver Romain Grosjean.

The Frenchman is having a bad start to 2018, and is yet to score a single point compared to his on-form teammate Kevin Magnussen's 19.

Not just that, Grosjean crashed out during the safety car in Baku, and in Barcelona was given a grid penalty for Monaco for the first corner crash.

'Completely unpredictable'

Nico Hulkenberg, taken out in the crash, was livid.

"He spun eight times this weekend and is completely unpredictable," said the German. "Maybe he should think about changing sports."

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It is not the first time Grosjean's F1 career has been in crisis, after being banned for a race in 2012 due to a spate of crashes.

But Haas boss Steiner defended his driver.

"For me it was a normal first lap incident. Yes, the consequences were unpleasant, but you only have a few milliseconds to decide - and that's what he decided.

'We'll help him'

Right now Romain's reputation suffers and he's an easy target for criticism, but I think the decision of the stewards was a slap in the face," he said

Steiner said he is therefore standing behind Haas' most experienced and highest paid driver.

"I went to talk to him immediately, because I could imagine how he felt. If I fail him, it's finished. So we'll help him.

I told him I do not blame you. You tried to get the best possible start and it did not work. Move on. Focus on Monte Carlo and do your best there.

Right now Romain is down, but he responds in the right way. Of course, nine races without points is not good, but he's just got to get on the horse again," Steiner added.


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