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Alonso out of Bahrain GP: 'Collapsed lung, broken ribs'

2016-03-31 16:10

IN RECOVERY: McLaren driver Fernando Alonso was ruled out of the Bahrain GP after he failed a medical exam conducted by the FIA medical team. Image: AP / Luca Bruno

London, England - Fernando Alonso won't compete at the 2016 Bahrain grand prix due to broken ribs and suffering a partially collapsed lung.

Alonso made the revelation on Thursday, after FIA doctors studied CT scans and ordered him out of the McLaren-Honda this weekend.

Alonso told reporters he suffered a "pneumothorax", or partially collapsed lung, due to the G-forces of his high-speed crash at the Australian GP.

No "respiratory problems"

He said that is no longer a problem and he is not suffering any "respiratory problems" but that his ribs on the left side of his chest are broken.

Alonso will hopefully recover in time for the 2016 Chinese GP (15-17 April).

Alonso posted this photograph with this caption on his Instagram account: "I tried until the last minute to run in Bahrain after the accident in Australia , have been hard days logically after such an impact but until the last second thought only help the team after the incredible work they have done this week . I understand the position of the doctors of the FIA and now I try to help with all my strength to my partner"

Alonso said of his chances: "It's not 100%"It will be another test I need to do in the next 8 to 10 days."

The McLaren driver said: "I was ready to go through the pain somehow and make sure I could race, or at least try, but the first thing is safety and so I understand (the decision)."

German driver Nico Hulkenberg said he is not too surprised Alonso is having to sit out the weekend.

Alonso calls for 'halo' safety device

The Force India driver said: "Yes and no, immediately after the accident he seemed to be okay, but I saw on Monday that he complained of rib pain. And ribs are always a tricky thing."

Alonso said on Thursday that he would have liked a "halo" device to protect his head during his crash, but Hulkenberg disagrees.

"I would like to see how fast he could have got out of the car with halo," said the German.  "I am still against it."


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