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Alonso on Schumacher: 'He was the boss'

2019-01-07 13:31

Sean Parker


Image: AFP

Ex-Formula 1 driver Fernando Alonso won two world championships with Renault during the time that seven-time champion Michael Schumacher drove for Ferrari. 

The duo duels on track were spectacles as both were supremely gifted drivers. Alonso, who recently quit the sport after 17 years, told F1.com that Schumacher 'knew that he was the strongest and that he defended that position on track." 

One of Alonso and Schumacher's famous battles was at the 2006 Hungarian GP in wet conditions.

Watch that clip here. 

The Spanish driver who also raced for Ferrari said he was 'intimidated by Schumacher especially at the beginning of his career because he was the boss.'

Schumacher celebrated his 50th birthday on January 3, but not much is known about the former German driver after he suffered brain injuries in a 2013 skiing accident.  

Watch the clip below: 


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