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2017-05-31 10:49

ALONSO TO STAY IN FORMULA 1? Fernando Alonso might not return to do next year's Indy 500. Image: AP/Sam Riche

Spain - Fernando Alonso might not return to do next year's Indy 500.

That is the news from Zak Brown, the new McLaren executive who engineered the Spaniard's controversial skipping of the Monaco Grand Prix to bid for victory in the fabled US race.

Other plans for Alonso

Nevertheless, Brown is quoted by Brazil's UOL as suggesting he has other plans for Alonso in light of a similar race date clash in 2018.

Brown said: "I hope he gets back on track with us to win the Monaco grand prix again, which means that perhaps the return (to Indy) will not happen in 2018.

"Of course the calendar isn't final yet but our main objective is to win again in Monaco with Fernando in the car." 

No Brickyard return

He said that doesn't mean Alonso, 35, will never return to the 'Brickyard'.

Brown added: "I think he's coming back someday, but I do not know what year.

"He wants to win the triple crown and I don't believe he was expecting to win first time out. So I think he's coming back."


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