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Alonso 'lost motivation' for F1 - Briatore

2018-08-16 14:02

Image: AFP / Andrej Isakovic

Fernando Alonso is quitting Formula 1 because he lost motivation - but he could return.

That is the news from Flavio Briatore, the former Renault team boss who is still involved in Spaniard Alonso's management.

'It makes no sense'

He told La Gazzetta dello Sport that the 37-year-old has decided to sit out 2019 in order to race in other categories, because he got tired of not having a winning F1 car.

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"It makes no sense for him to be seventh or eighth.

That way, a driver loses motivation. I find it strange that in this F1, there is apparently no place for a driver with the talent of Fernando," Briatore said.

Briatore rejected Christian Horner's recent claim that no top team wants Alonso because he is a divisive force.

A divisive force

"I'm friends with Christian, but I think he got too excited. I think if there is a team that cannot handle its drivers, it is his. That is exactly why Daniel Ricciardo is leaving.

Fernando drove for me and glorified the Renault team. He was an exemplary teammate for the other drivers and a benchmark for the engineers," Briatore added.

Many insiders now expect Alonso to race full-time in the Indycar series next year.

"Let's see. First, he will finish the season in F1 and world endurance, and then I would understand it if he decided to take a break.

What is for certain is that it's too early to say goodbye. Things change very fast in F1. You should never say never. I would like to see Fernando in a Mercedes or Ferrari," Briatore said.


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