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Alfa Romeo debut needs F1 team support

2016-01-05 09:19

ALFA TO ENTER F1? Fiat-Chrylser CEO Sergio Marchionne said Alfa Romeo would need support from another team if it was to enter the world's most elite motorsport. Image: AFP

Milan, Italy - Alfa Romeo would need to ally with a team in order to enter F1, says Ferrari and Fiat Chrysler president Sergio Marchionne.

Marchionne suggested that the fabled Italian automaker, who powered F1's first world champion Giuseppe Farina to the inaugural title in 1950, could return to the pinnacle of motor racing.

Focus on road cars

And as Ferrari made its debut on the Milan stock exchange on Monday, he declared: "It (Alfa Romeo entering F1) is undoubtedly possible.

Marchionne said: "How that is done, we still have to see. It would be difficult for Alfa Romeo to return without the support of another team.

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"First, we focus on the introduction of the new Giulia (road car). However, for an association with F1, that would be ideal."

Marchionne said that other manufacturers should also think about entering F1.

He added: "I think the Germans (BMW) were wrong to leave in 2008-2009. Personally, I encourage all the manufacturers to enter F1."


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