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Williams praises Renault engines

2012-08-22 11:09

FORMER WILLIAMS CO-FOUNDER: Patrick Head believes it's thanks to Renault that Williams has seen better results recently in F1.

Williams' radical improvement this year, after the five-point debacle of 2011, has much to do with Renault.

This is the view of the famous British team's former co-owner and technical chief Patrick Head, who is no longer involved in the design and development of the Grove-made cars.

Head recently told Brazil's O Estado de S.Paulo:"I always have a good look at what they're doing, but I am concerned with other things now."


In 2011, the Cosworth-powered FW33's best finishes were a pair of ninths, achieved by Rubens Barrichello.

Now with the title-winning Renault V8, the new FW34 has already scored 53 points, including Williams' first race win since 2004.

Head said the better "aerodynamic design" of the FW34 has been possible largely due to the "characteristics of the Renault engine".

"We could make a car with better aerodynamics and weight distribution. It (the Renault engine) was the strongest influence on the efficiency of this year's project," Head said.


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