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Williams: Catching Ferrari 'difficult'

2015-04-21 14:06

CHASING FERRARI: Williams’ driver Felipe Massa says his team’s smaller budget compared to that of riavls Ferrari is beginning to show. Image: AFP / William West

LONDON, England - Williams has admitted it will struggle to quickly recover its position as the first force behind title favourite Mercedes.

The team finished the 2014 season as the fastest team behind the title winners but Ferrari has sped past in 2015.

Chief engineer Rob Smedley said after the Bahrain race: "After the first four races you can already see the balance of power.

"We're preparing a series of upgrades for Barcelona, but catching up with Ferrari will be very difficult."


Felipe Massa acknowledged in Bahrain that Williams' much smaller budget against the might of Ferrari is beginning to show.

Williams deputy Claire Williams told Britain's Sky: "Third isn't anything to be ashamed of. I've always said it's about working harder and smarter than the others.

"The likes of McLaren and Ferrari have always had bigger budgets than us and we have won 16 championships against them.

"I heard that Ferrari are ploughing in another R12-billion to its development on top of what they had already allocated - and that's our whole budget!

"To be honest, I'd love to be able to win against them with a third of their budget."


But from an engineering perspective, Smedley acknowledged how hard it will be for Williams to fend off his and Massa's red-clad former employer.

Hhe said: "We have already extracted good potential from our cars. and this work continues, but we do not expect to be able to rapidly increase our pace.

"Also, we can't forget that behind us there are teams like Red Bull, which is a huge organisation, well equipped and with a very considerable resource.

"When they sort out their problems. They will be doing much better than they are doing now.  Generally, all of our main rivals are very strong."

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