Webber just wants the Oz surf

2011-11-25 07:36

SAO PAULO, Brazil - Australian Mark Webber is looking forward to going surfing when the 2011 Formula 1 season ends after Sunday's Brazilian GP.

The 35-year-old Red Bull driver, who has struggled to match his double champion team mate German Sebastian Vettel this season, also hopes to carry some of his improved momentum through the off-season and into 2012.


"I'm planning to go back for six weeks to have a good rest and get away from it all," he said. "I've been better in the last few races than earlier in the season and I hope to carry that with me into 2012."

Webber said age was a significant factor in the competition between him and 24-year-old Vettel.

"I weigh 10kg more than Sebastian," he said. "That has a big bearing on weight distribution, which has a big bearing on starts, which has a big bearing on how the tyres hold up, but I have had that my whole career.

"I can't be much lighter so we have to work with what we have but right now I'm looking forward to the break. There are three more important days' work but it'll be nice when the calendar flicks over. I'll do some surfing and spend less time in England!"

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  • PatPion - 2011-11-25 08:35

    All of a sudden his weight is the excuse. You're just not good enough, Mark.

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