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Vettel puts Abbey on the road

2012-03-15 07:49

ROAD TO SUCCESS: The cover of the 1960's Beatles' hit vinyl pressing 'Abbey Road' after which Sebastian Vettel named his 2012 F1 Red Bull Race car.


MELBOURNE, Australia - Formula 1 World champion Sebastian Vettel, a big fan of 1960's pop superstars The Beatles (and of the UK's Silverstone circuit) wants to put Abbey on the road to success during 2012.

The 24-year-old German, chasing a World Drivers' title hat trick, has revealed - as he has ahead of previous F1 seasons - that he wants to name his car. 'Kate', 'Kate's Dirty Sister', 'Luscious Liz', 'Randy Mandy' and 'Kinky Kylie' have each come and gone.

His 2012 Red Bull car, he said, would be called Abbey.


The Beatles' 'Abbey Road' LP album was recorded by the group in 1969, its cover bearing the iconic image of the Fab Four strolling across a pedestrian crossing on the London street that was home to Abbey Studios where much of their material was recorded; Abbey is also a well-known corner on the Silverstone track.

Vettel's spokesperson, however, denied there was any specific reason behind the choice of name.

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