Vettel defends Schumi crash

2012-05-16 10:30

Sebastian Vettel has defended his former mentor Michael Schumacher.

The seven time world champion has been criticised since Spanish Grand Prix, after crashing into Williams' Bruno Senna at the end of the Barcelona straight.

He called the Brazilian driver an "idiot" on the radio and later defended the outburst. The FIA did not agree, imposing a five-place qualifying penalty for Monte Carlo for causing a collision.


Red Bull team principal Christian Horner said: "For us, that manoeuvre of Michael's cost us a lot."

He said the debris from the crash not only damaged Vettel's front wing, but led to the reigning world champion being served a drive-through penalty due to activating his DRS wing in the yellow-flag zone.

Vettel, however, defended Schumacher: "In those situations we don't have much time of course and you can get very great speed differences (between the cars) on the straights.

"I think it should be classified simply in the category of racing accidents.  Unfortunately it happens," said the reigning world champion. Of course you can always say what is what afterwards, just as you can say that it always takes two to tango," added Vettel.

Mercedes' Norbert Haug was less eager to comment, although he did tell Germany's Sport1 that the team "accepts the verdict of the race stewards".


  • James - 2012-05-16 13:33

    Senna has nearly killed himself on a few occasions.

      Tandas - 2012-05-17 10:10

      No need to defend Shumi... It is called old age... Crash, boom, bang...

  • Trevor - 2012-05-16 14:26

    Senna is green behind the ears, one could clearly see the idiot came off the throttle way to early to compensate for his damaged car but then he should have given way to a MUCH faster car behind him but no, he held his line and could have killed someone...the guy is riding on his family name but still remains useless in F1,just a marketing tool.

  • maarten.slabbert.7 - 2012-05-17 10:47

    It is called testosterone, neither one of them prepared to back down. So they crashed. Big deal. Not like it is the first crash in the history of F1.

  • sean.meets - 2012-05-17 10:52

    Schumacher is way past his "sell-by-date", he's expired. I don't see anything wrong with Senna's move, especially seeing he moved less than a metre, and the pace at which Schmacher collided with him and "mounted" Senna's car, it's questionable if Schumacher would've made the corner in any case. Apart from locking up his brakes, Schumacher took no avoiding action...I think it's a combination of red mist and frustration that's costing Schumacher...he's always buckled when under pressure.

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