Vettel: 'Just another win'

2013-07-08 07:08

NURBURGRING, Germany - Triple World Formula 1 champion Sebastian Vettel is not one for tears or emotional pronouncements; even his first win at his home German GP on Sunday left him largely unmoved.

The 26-year-old Red Bull driver has dominated F1 for the past three years and is leading the standings again by 34 points but his CV was missing a victory on home asphalt and a win in July.


Now those have been chalked off it's onwards and upwards, with little fanfare and lots of single-minded determination.

Vettel told reporters, his matter-of-fact expression barely changing after his 30th F1 win:"In the end it's just another race and we try to prepare as much as we can for every race.

"Surely winning here is very special and tastes very, very sweet, especially the way we won today with a lot of pressure from behind, but I think we did our homework."

It was the nature of the close victory which thrilled Vettel as much as it coming at the Nurburgring, with Lotus driver Kimi Raikkonen chasing him down to the flag.


Red Bull team principal Christian Horner told reporters: "For sure he is extremely proud about what he has achieved today but he has always taken the bigger picture. We discussed it before the race and said 'let's go for the best we can and if that is second today it's second'.

"There are just as many points attached to this race as the other 18."

Always extremely knowledgeable technically, Vettel consumes every detail of F1 while keeping the media at arms length when it comes to his private life.

He is often coy in news conferences, especially this week when asked if he would like Raikkonen to replace the retiring Webber at Red Bull, but gives credit where credit is due.

"We had a little bit of a cushion but Lotus was incredibly quick today and gave us definitely a big run for our money," he said.


Red Bull ensured Vettel pitted to cover the third stop of third-placed Romain Grosjean and all went well in the end.

"For sure, there are a lot of expectations. Especially when you have a good car and for a couple of years you've had a good run, when you come to home soil people expect you to win," said the German.

"I think the whole team, including myself, we never ever let that get to our head but it just feels very, very sweet now to have succeeded after a couple of tries."

Vettel hit headlines after ignoring orders and overtaking Australian team mate Mark Webber to win in Malaysia in March.

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