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Trulli: Failing teams 'gave zero' to F1

2014-12-08 11:27

F1 BETTER OFF? F1 veteran Jarno Trulli believes that F1 would be better off without struggling tail-enders Marussia (left) and Caterham. Image: AP/ Toru Takahashi

LONDON, England - Formula 1 will not miss the collapsing tail-ender teams Caterham and Marussia, at least according to former F1 driver Jarno Trulli, whose career started in the mid-1990's right at the rear of the grid.

According to Blogf1.it, Trulli, owner-driver in the Formula E series, said F1's Minardi-era was different: "It's true that small teams have always been there but they were good teams.

"Take Minardi - it had young drivers but not just because they pay but because they had talent. Most of these drivers then stepped up in F1, while I doubt that any Caterham or Marussia driver will make the same leap."


Trulli went on to drive for Renault and Toyota.

He added: "The big mistake F1 made was to let the manufacturers go elsewhere.  This marked the end of the golden age, during which I had the honour to be able to live.

"Today the situation is totally different, with a few real teams and many other small teams trying to stay alive."

International Automobile Federation president Jean Todt has confirmed that even if Marussia and Caterham did collapse, an 18-car grid was sufficient for 2015.

Speaking to Italy's Autosprint, Todt commented: "In 2016 we will have a new team so at worst we will have 18 cars in 2015 but 20 the following season."

Trulli agreed that F1 could survive for now without the struggling tail-enders: "Unfortunately, Bernie Ecclestone was right when he said that some teams are just disorganised.

"They don't give anything to Formula 1."

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