Todt likely to stay FIA boss

2013-03-07 11:22

Jean Todt looks set to remain president of the International Automobile Federation for a second term.

The former Ferrari chief (135 votes) beat ex-World Rally champion Ari Vatanen (49 votes) to the post in late 2009.

Todt's first term will end later in 2013 and he is eligible to run for another four years.


Reports by AFP and La Presse claim Todt has secured the ongoing backing of the motoring federations in North, South and Central America.

Todt said: "When the people in North, South and Central America say with one voice that you must be president, it is clear that making the decision to continue will be easier.

"It will weigh heavily in my thinking.

"There is still some way to go but, if you have a team pushing you to continue, it is obvious that it makes you want to continue."