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'No miracle on the horizon' for Schumi

2015-02-16 17:39

'PLEASE LEAVE US ALONE: Michael Schumacher's wife Corinna arrives at hospital to ask the media to 'leave us in peace' on January 7 2014. Today there are privacy tents around his house. Image: AFP

GENEVA, Switzerland - Nearly 14 months after his late-2013 skiing fall little new is known about the great Michael Schumacher's medical progress.

The 46-year-old is reportedly cared for by a private medical team numbering 15 professionals around the clock at his mansion on the shore of Lake Geneva.

But in a new report published by the UK newspaper Express, it is claimed the seven-times F1 champion "remains mute with limited awareness of his environment" and still "unable to walk".


"Progress is painfully slow," said an insider.  "There is no miracle on the horizon."

The report said Schumacher's family had now imposed a total media blackout on news about the former Mercedes and Ferrari driver while tents have been erected to stop paparazzi photographing the F1 star.

Peter Hamlyn, described as a neuro-surgeon and sports head-injury expert, said: "What tortures the public is the same thing that tortures the family – progress is slow, progress is uncertain. If you look at severe head-injury victims who go on to make a good recovery - and I'm not saying all do - it will always be a story of years."


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