Schumi's final season his worst?

2012-05-14 07:21

BARCELONA, Spain - This the final season of Michael Schumacher's return to F1 is shaping up to be the seven-times champion's worst after the Mercedes driver crashed out of the 2012 Spanish GP.

The German driver ran into the back of Bruno Senna's Williams 13 laps into the 66-lap race on the Catalunya circuit and took out both cars.


That meant Schumacher, who started seventh, failed to finish for the third time in five races. He has twice finished 10th so far in 2012 for a total of two points.

The 43-year-old didn't finish three of his first five races during the 2005 season with Ferrari but also managed a second place and seventh.

Team mate Nico Rosberg won the Chinese GP.


  • Mark - 2012-05-14 08:29

    His true form showing.....

  • PatPion - 2012-05-14 10:31

    It's time to move on, Shumi!

      morne.gericke.9 - 2012-05-18 12:14

      Yes, to the front.

  • Sarel - 2012-05-14 18:45

    Shumager is useless, look on the current scoreboard. Where is he on the table? Low, low 18th. Pathetic and a waste of a seat. How many points does he have? 2, only two, yes 2 miserable points, rookieJean-Eric Vergne, in a Torro Rosso, has double shumagers’ points. Senna, whom cheatmaster took out by pathetic driving, has 14. Rossberg,, prangmeister’s team mate has 41. Every season he goes backward. Laughing stock of the rookies and of the whole F1 paddock. He should pay Kimi for lessons in how to stage a comeback & beg Hamilton for lessons in how to drive an F1 car. All he can do is present excuses for his incompetent driving.

      morne.gericke.9 - 2012-05-18 12:11

      I think 2 or 3 retirements from Team mistakes (Loose wheel) does not mean this man is too old. it means that he has had bad luck. Simple as that. All the "Big guns" have just won one race each. If Schummi wins the next two races, He will be on 52 points, and that will bring him into the frame dramaticly. Remember, it is a long season. It is not how you start it, but how you finish it. Go ahead and write the "old" man off right now, at the risk of blushing at the end of the season.

  • Patrick Burri - 2012-05-17 08:01

    Sarel sorry but u wrong... The only race that he was guilty was the spanish one. The other three wasn t his fault. Australian grand he had a gearbox probleme, the second grosjean went trow him, and spanish was the third. He is the guy whos being seting up the mercedes car not rosberg. Ok we know that he is to old and doesn t have the same reflections as young guy!!! If i give u a mercedes AMG E 63 and im driving a bugatti u think u gone catch me... Alwas talking badly when someone do something wrong but when he wins something u are the first guys the be happy.... We call that hypocrites hugs

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