Schumi's car woes continue

2012-06-11 12:26

MONTREAL, Canada - Michael Schumacher's run of terrible luck is raising questions about equality within Mercedes.

His 2012 title hopes, already effectively over due to a spate of incidents and technical problems, and the seven-times World champion once again failed to finish on June 10 when his DRS rear wing stuck open in Canada.

Former Force India driver Adrian Sutil said: "It's hard to understand why the problems affect only one driver. If you compare his points with Nico (Rosberg)'s, the difference is significant."


Team boss Ross Brawn said: "I can only apologise to Michael for a further technical failure."

Schumacher, however, denied any suggestion he was being given inferior equipment: "I am 100% convinced of that."

Brawn agreed: "In my time at Ferrari is the was the reverse: it was said we favoured Michael and gave his team mates something less. Of course it's nonsense.  A team always tries to give both the drivers exactly the same. If there is a one-sided series of defects, then that is down to fate alone."

It is bad timing, however, that Schumacher's string of problems coincides with his expiring Mercedes contract, and the talks and decisions that must precede a new one.

Sutil said: "Obviously it's not a help. At some point it can affect your motivation, as it happens no matter what you do or how strong you are, but there are still races to go and it can turn around."


  • Sarel - 2012-06-11 19:34

    Ha,ha Schumager is king, king of the losers yes. Check the scoreboard, still on 2 points. Last on the points, only the zeros are behind him, (and catching him quick, he'll be last before noon). Before he went for a bockworst & sauerkraut, he dropped to 14th. Pathetic. Has-been, go home & don't come back, you are wasting a rookies' time.

      Mark - 2012-06-13 14:26

      @marnusmnorval - Whilst thers's no doubt Schumi is a good driver, he only deserved 4 of those champoinships at best...

  • Mark - 2012-06-12 11:19

    Now Shumi's having some bad luck it's foul play all of a sudden.... Brilliant... keep up with the excuses..... I see clutching at his his lucky 777's did absoulutely squat for him...

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