Schumie: 'I ran out of track'

2012-07-27 19:55

BUDAPEST, Hungary - Michael Schumacher has shrugged off a major crash during a rain-hit second practice session ahead of the 2012 Hungarian F1 GP with "I simply ran out of track".

The 43-year-old multiple World champion lost control of his Mercedes and crashed into the tyre barriers after he careering off the circuit in sudden treacherous wet conditions at the Hungaroring. He locked his front wheels and appeared to aquaplane across the wet asphalt before hitting the barriers.

His car was badly damaged but he was unhurt and walked away.


Schumacher said it was a strange accident, but he played down its significance. "I just ran out of road. I locked up and I couldn't stop the car. I didn't think it was aquaplaning. It's a bit strange but you have to put a cross on it and forget about it."

He wound up 10th in the session, just ahead of Mercedes team mate and fellow German Nico Rosberg.

Schumacher also crashed in difficult slippery circumstances during the 2012 German GP the previous weekend but said on Friday he would rain in the race because he believed it would improve the Mercedes team's prospects.

"I think the rain might be an opportunity, as we saw at Silverstone. Let's see what happens."

Team mate Rosberg conceded his car was not as strong as he had hoped. "It was a decent day of testing," he said. "Not a very promising day for us. I expected to be stronger. We tried some major things, especially on my car, but they didn't really work out."