Schumi topped in sport rich list

2012-05-08 10:06

Formula 1 veteran Michael Schumacher has been trumped in the 'world's richest sportsman' stakes.

According to the UK's Sunday Times annual listings, the seven-times World champion's $823-million (R6.4-billion) in career earnings has been beaten by golfing legend Tiger Woods at R6.7-billion.

Schumacher has out-earned other high-profile sportsmen, among them Michael Jordan (R4-billion), Roger Federer (R2.4-billion) and David Beckham (R2-billion).


Two other F1 representatives made the top 20 list, Ferrari's Fernando Alonso and Lotus' Kimi Raikkonen, with their earnings at R1.2-billion each.

McLaren's World champions Lewis Hamilton (R695-million) and Jenson Button (R664-million) appear only on the list for British sportsmen and they are both outpaced by the R1-billion earned by former Ferrari driver Eddie Irvine - mainly through his property investments.

However, Hamilton and Button have each earned more in their careers than David Coulthard, Nigel Mansell, former BAR boss David Richards (all R625-million) and Jackie Stewart (R523-million). Of course that doesn't take into account inflation...

Those earnings, however, are all dwarfed by Bernie Ecclestone's estimated R31-billion, although the 81-year-old F1 chief executive doesn't appear at all on the list of the world's richest overall.

That list is headed by mega-earners such as Sauber sponsor Carlos Slim, who is worth R555-billion.

  • Ken - 2012-05-08 14:01

    Yeah!... but Schumies fortune is all his, Tiger must still share with the Ex and she'll milk him!

  • shooshyu.tu - 2012-05-08 18:16

    It has to have been expected that once he retired that his earnings would take a dip, therefore the gloating headline of Schumi being "topped" comes as no real surprise, even if he has now temporarily come out of retirement.

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