Rosberg: 'I was harsh but fair'

2012-05-11 08:30

BARCELONA, Spain - Nico Rosberg has defended his driving tactics as Formula 1 drivers said they would discuss what was acceptable on the track.

The Mercedes driver had been criticised for two controversial moves made while defending his position at the 2012 Bahrain GP.

Ferrari's Fernando Alonso made his anger evident when he was forced wide and prevented from overtaking while McLaren's Lewis Hamilton managed to get past only by running completely off the track.


Race stewards in Bahrain decided not to punish Rosberg or Hamilton but the incidents were among the main talking points when drivers regrouped ahead of the Spanish GP.

Rosberg said: "Two of the drivers raised their concerns about it so we need to discuss it. If there was a danger which I didn't cause on purpose then we need to implement rules so that it doesn't arise again.

"Of course if there had been the barriers at Monaco it would have been a different story. Then again, the guys behind would have backed off a lot earlier. In that situation I judged it to be harsh but fair so it was harsh but within the rules. And I didn't judge that I was putting my competitors in danger."

Rosberg's team mate Michael Schumacher, much criticised for his blocking moves, supported his compatriot. "It's always a question of who is criticising and why he's criticising," he said. "We have a governing body, the FIA, that will do an analysis as they did after Bahrain and they clearly stated everything was fine.

"So, if everything is fine, everybody has to deal with it and accept it and that's about it. If it was not within the rules the FIA would have taken action. It didn't and I didn't see anything wrong either.

"I think everybody knows my style. My style is to use every little edge and whatever it takes, whatever is needed, the rules are clear and you just use it. You are not there to be giving presents and to make other people happy."

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