Resurgent Massa longs for 2008

2012-07-05 12:06

Felipe Massa is sure his paddock life would be much easier had he become world champion in 2008.

The Brazilian only missed out on winning the title four years ago because Lewis Hamilton overtook Timo Glock mere seconds after Massa won his home race at Interlagos for the 2008 finale.

Massa told London's Daily Express: "If the last 17 seconds of that race had been different, the thing that would have changed is a bit more respect from the media."


Particularly before an improvement in form for the 31-year-old recently, the media was piling pressure on Ferrari to dump the struggling driver.

"Even if the media would have been hard with me now because I am not having the results I want, I believe, had I won (in 2008), I would maybe get a bit more respect than I do now," he insisted.

Massa has credited his recent surge in form not to a personal improvement, but rather the steps taken by Ferrari to speed up its once-ailing F2012 car.

"We have improved the car as well from Monaco onwards, so we clearly have a chance to fight for the podium at Silverstone," he said ahead of this weekend's British grand prix.


Massa said he has learned how to deal with the unique pressures of being a Ferrari race driver.

"Every year somebody is coming to Ferrari. You even have years when more than one driver is coming to Ferrari," he explained.

"I don't really think about it or let it go inside of my mind. Maybe the first year I was here I did but, after I understood the situation, I don't really worry."

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  • Jono - 2012-07-05 15:13

    You just need a little bit of luck to get an amazing result!

  • cyrus.mongol - 2012-08-21 14:25

    As a onetime huge Massa fan, you can imagine my disappointment in his performances. I think after his crash he has never really recovered. 2008 was his year and he even had a good shot in 2007 but i think he should call it quits. Perhaps DTM should be considered?

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