Red Bull 'rattles' Hamilton

2011-04-09 10:01

Lewis Hamilton has hit back at Christian Horner's claim that pairing him with Sebastian Vettel would risk creating "fireworks" at Red Bull.

"Look at me and Jenson (Button)," said the McLaren driver, referring to his current teammate.  "World champions can definitely race together as long as there is quality in the team."

British reporters asked the 26-year-old if the rumours and counter-rumours about his future, particularly the link with Red Bull, had him "rattled".

He denied it and insisted it's "positive I'm being talked about, which means I'm not forgotten", added Hamilton in quotes published by Fleet Street newspapers from Malaysia.

But apparently pouring water on a possible tie-up with Red Bull, Hamilton suggested Vettel is the one who would cause the fireworks if he switched to the reigning championship-winning team.

"Some individuals can take being beaten, some are better losers or better winners," he said.

"When I beat Jenson, he doesn't whinge and say 'Oh, Lewis has a better car than me or Lewis did this and I did that'."

And he tentatively committed his future to McLaren.

"I'm contracted for the next two years and I want to win world championships here.  I hope that continues, but you never know what happens in the future," said Hamilton.

  • Kwashic - 2011-04-09 18:04

    @james...yada yada yada.... he is talking about sore losers... i think your comment's got you caught in a web... you must be the kind he is talking about.

  • JMan - 2011-04-11 09:07

    Did you guys seriously just turn an F1 article into a race issue? We have enough of this cr@p all over this site. At least keep it off the sports section. Morons.

  • Dawid - 2011-04-11 10:42

    He forgets about the year as Alonso's teammate! He cannot race fair and square with a champion as Alonso proves that! I've never hear a racer wine more than this man...why didn't he just shut up and prove his ability on the track!! And if we take that as a guide, 8th is his ability..hahaha!!

      Al - 2011-04-11 12:09

      You have got to be kidding. Right? The one bitching and moaning while they were team mates was Alonso. He thought he would walk into Mclaren and be king. Unfortunatly Mclaren does not bow down to spoilt little cry baby brats like Alonso. Ferrari has to tell Massa to move over to let Alonso past otherwise someone might have to change his nappy on the track. As for Hamilton beating Massa to the title, with Alonso no where, Hamilton was the better driver through out the season. He lost the race win at a very wet Spa grand prix when Kimi almost took Hamilton out. Add all the points the FIA took from Hamilton and he would not even have had to take part in the last race. The FIA tried but failed to help Ferrari win another championship. Agree with JMAN, leave colour out of F1, there is enough crap with out idiots adding to this.. James4USA seems like u swollowed a dictionary as well as a chemistry book. Just got to stop repeating yourself now....... Get a bit boring. BTW I USED to be an Alonso supporter.

  • Sipho - 2011-04-11 11:38

    Shame on you all racists on this site. Are you incapable of criticising a person without reference to their race? The last time I read Red Bull managment rated Hamilton very highly. In fact, he is the only driver they see as a threat to Vetel's title aspirations. Clearly you racists cannot read or you only read racist literature! What a sorry existence.In case you did not know, Jan van Riebeeck did not bring women when he landed at the Cape! Guess where the four fingers are pointing! Shame on Wheels24 for allowing such racist comments on this site.

      Opelisti - 2011-04-11 12:32

      U Hit the nail on the head Sipho. The season is only two races old let us see what happens. Racism is actually a sickness just forgive the racist commentators. Please Editor allow only comments related to F1! If Redbull, McLaren management and most drivers on the grid rate Hamilton so highly and you armchair critics thinking othrwise, you really should be team Principals instead of just mere observers.

  • james4usa - 2011-04-11 16:23

    Reality check Hampster, The DNA challenged, Seb beat you in Q, Nic beat you at the start, you destroyed your Tires, you broke the rules, you had your @ss handed to you. Your luck in WDC title will not be repeated.

      Lourens - 2011-04-12 13:42

      Lewis Hamilton is overrated, his time has come and gone..

      Lourens - 2011-04-12 13:43

      Lewis Hamilton is overrated, his time has come and gone..

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