Red Bull plays down engine rule

2012-07-28 10:39

BUDAPEST, Hungary – The Red Bull team is likely to lose no more than a few hundredths of a second because of this week's ban on their controversial engine setting this week.

That’s the view of their engine supplier, Renault, whose head of track operations Remi Taffin said ahead of the 2012 Hungarian F1 GP: “It's very difficult to quantify but we're talking about hundredths, not seconds or tenths of seconds. That means we have to chase somewhere else."


Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel, third in the F1 Drivers’ championship behind Fernando Alonso and team mate Mark Webber, also dismissed any concern: "It’s much less than people expect. Of course, if we had the choice, we would go back to what we had in Hockenheim but it is difficult for us to measure."

"There’s a lot of talk but if you knew what’s going on in the background you would not be too interested in all the talking and stuff that has been printed in the last few days. Fortunately tomorrow there is a new newspaper, and the day after tomorrow another, and especially on Monday.

“We will focus on the race and try to make some good news for Monday's newspaper."

Red Bull was told by the International Automobile Federation to change its engine torque mapping after the federation closed a regulation loophole to address the hugely complex issue of by how much teams could change settings that control the torque delivered by an engine under various conditions.

Red Bull was referred to the stewards because the engine torque mapping before the previous weekend’s 2012 German GP. The team was cleared of breaching the regulations but the IAF made clear in its wording of the decision that it was not happy with the situation.

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