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Reader: 'Why I don't watch F1 any more'

2014-08-28 11:29

F1 ALL ABOUT THE MONEY? Wheels24 reader VENLIG HILSEN says that F1 is controlled by bureaucrats and greed. Do you agree? Image: AP


I'm from Denmark, so Danish driver Kevin Magnussen in Formula 1 should spur my interest again. But it hasn't and here's why...

First, 10-30 years ago, where I would watch every F1 Grand Prix possible, it was broadcast on a national broadcast channel, which you had in a normal TV channel package.

Now F1 is on a pay channel, with 1/4 of a GP wasted on commercials (that usually come on when some exciting stuff has happened). F1 is not a sport that can be interrupted by commercials. I don't want to change satellite provider, to watch F1, and lose all the other channels the other provider doesn't have.


Second, it's the 'nanny stuff'. Michael Schumacher, Aryton Senna, Damon Hill and the likes, could fight a lot more. Now Magnussen gets a 20sec penalty for defending his line.

Engine sound doesn't mean a thing, it's the fact that it has become a greedy sport, where the outcome isn't decided by the drivers but by bureaucrats and greedy interests.

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