Pirelli will be fair - Wolff

2013-05-22 10:43

MONTE CARLO, Monaco - Mercedes executive director Toto Wolff says he trusts Pirelli to act fairly to all Formula 1 teams with the tyre changes set for the Canada GP.

Mercedes and Red Bull have been the most vocal about the controversial 2013 tyres, causing Pirelli to announce significant changes for Canada in June, but after Ferrari and Lotus hit back the FIA intervened to make clear that Pirelli could only make mid-season changes for safety reasons - or with the unanimous agreement of the teams.

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Wolff told Austrian news agency APA: "This is Formula 1. Everybody looks only for his own advantage. Niki Lauda has said that it should be that the fastest wins, which is not us playing the game for ourselves, but for the fans.

The rules don't allow major changes during the season so putting further pressure or lobbying Pirelli have no meaning. In the end Pirelli will not change things so much that a team will be advantaged or disadvantaged very much."


"Pirelli is too professional for that," he said. "We just have to learn to deal with the situation and the tyres."

However Wolff said he does see grounds for some changes, such as to prevent delamination as has happened in 2013. "Delamination is dangerous, a safety issue. It's up to Pirelli to decide."

Even changes in this area may not occur, however, because Pirelli's Paul Hembery insists the existing 2013 tyre range is safe already.

Hembery said: "It's important to point out that these delaminations, which occur when the tread comes off, do not compromise the safety of the tyres as the core structure of the tyre is not affected in any way."

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