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Pastor, Massa hot for Canada

2013-05-31 14:51

WORKING HARD AHEAD OF CANADA RACE: Felipe Massa tweeted a photo of himself training at home with the caption - "Working hard, 100% confident for the race". Image - Felipe Massa

Felipe Massa has reassured his fans that he will be back in action at the 2013 Canadian Grand Prix.

Before going to hospital Massa sat trackside with a neck collar after two crashes at the same place, one during qualifying and another during the race, at the 2013 Monaco Grand Prix.

Ferrari team boss Stefano Domenicali said: "Felipe is fine. All he has to show for (the crashes) is a bit of muscle pain."


Williams' Pastor Maldonado also crashed heavily during the Monaco race, his clash with Max Chilton bringing out the red flags when it dislodged the soft barriers.

Maldonado said: "My body still hurts but it's not a problem. As soon as I knew I was OK I was thinking already of Montreal."

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