No swan song for Webber, yet

2013-03-05 08:05

LONDON, England - Mark Webber has dismissed any suggestion that he has replaced Michael Schumacher as F1's oldest driver and is speeding towards the paddock exit.

With Schumacher now back in retirement Australian Webber, 37 in August, has become the oldest driver on the grid. Combined with his new contract for 2013 only, the situation has raised expectations that  could be the Red Bull driver's swan-song season.


"I don't see this as my last year in F1" Webber told Britain's The Sun newspaper. "I've signed one-year contracts for the last four years."

Webber said it was arguable that he was the driver closest to the finish-line; Jenson Button has actually contested more grands prix.

"(But) it means absolutely jack shit. If Michael Schumacher were still on the grid, then how would that make me feel any different? I still feel 25.  I know I am not but I feel young.  I don't feel as though I'm getting tired when driving the car.

"I feel good."

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  • Kuveshan Naidoo - 2013-03-07 07:15

    Mark is still a bloody brilliant driver. Unfortunately he is in the shadow of his younger contemporary.....put him into a Mclaren/Ferrari - see what he can do? ;)

  • Cobus Fenwick - 2013-03-07 10:33

    Eventually age goes hand in hand with retirement. You do get people that can never retire, they change their interests. I call them the Edge-Drivers. Then you get the rest who take part and fill the rest of the field. They will never become the best, allthough they are brilliant. They take part untill they become tired, eventually they will retire. Your No 1 driver is the Edge-driver in every team, the other one is there to help fight for the constructors championship. Two Edge-drivers in a team does not work, McLaren proved that in 2012 and Red Bull aswell.

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