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No penalty as McLaren fits new engines

2015-07-24 08:04

MCLAREN ESCAPES PENALTIES: McLaren won't be penalised for fitting new engines to both its cars at the 2015 Hungarian GP. Image: AP / Tom Boland

BUDPEST, Hungary - Struggling McLaren is free to fit new engines for both Fernando Alonso  and Jenson Button  without any penalty for this weekend's (July 26) 2015 Hungarian GP.

The two champion drivers have had huge grid penalties for recent races after needing replacement Honda power units but a regulation change in July 2015 permitted new manufacturers to take one new unit for each driver without sanction.


Alonso and Button had been penalised since exceeding their original allocation of four engines when they took a fifth unit in Austria.

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The tight and technical Hungaroring is expected to give McLaren  an opportunity to secure an improved result because it is not a track that demands outright power.

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